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Exciting side business opportunities you can engage in if you have a full time Job.

Starting a side business when you have a full time paid job can be helpful in generating the additional income you desire. It also has the potential to develop your innate abilities and there is a possibility that it could turn into a full-time business if you put in effort to develop it. If you engage in a business that you are passionate about it could be more of fun and excitement rather than hard work.

Here are 6 Exciting side businesses you can engage in

  1. Agro Business

In Agro Business there are many things you can do from fishery, poultry, and crop cultivation to processing and packaging. These also extend to sales and marketing and many in-betweens in the value chain. However our focus will be on what you can handle part-time in the evenings or during your free weekends. Depending on the nature of where you reside you can have a small poultry or a fish pond. You can also raise animals that can be used as bush meat, including snails.

In keeping poultry or fish farming, feeding may be required just once or twice a day. In the morning before you go to work or when you come back.  You can cultivate a small side garden in the house to grow vegetables and herbs. In Nigeria people tend to look down on small scale agro farming whereas people have made a fortune out of it. Even if you don’t make a fortune it may be an opportunity to save your salary. Time spent adding value to you and the society is better than the time spent in bars or in watching endless television series.

  1. Driving-

If you have a car, you can use it as a cab in the evenings and during the weekends. You may need creative and smart ways to get in touch with your passengers. Conventional taxi driving may require paying union dues, buying vehicle stickers, changing the color of your vehicle and registration number. In order not to get into trouble with local authorities you will need to find a way to let passengers contact you privately by phone or you can register with a hotel or a night spot. There are some private taxi companies where you can register and work at your pace.

If your car is not up to ten years and in good condition and you reside in Lagos or Abuja UBER might be a great opportunity for you to make money after work hours and during the weekends.

As an Uber Driver, you have the freedom and flexibility to drive whenever you have time and set your schedule

  1. Catering and Baking

This is an exciting opportunity for individuals who have the passion and skill to bake and make delicious dishes. It does not require huge funds to start a side catering business. With little financial investment, one can start a successful catering business from home using the right plan. The catering business is a nice way to generate additional income without leaving your day time job.

You can cater for parties and events during the weekends or after work hours. You can also make cakes and pastries and supply to stores in your neighborhood or on demand for events.

  1. Tutoring

If you are well-grounded in certain subjects, languages (including foreign), playing musical instruments, dance, home tutoring may be an option for you.

In some countries you need to be a registered supplementary educational service provider before you can provide home tutoring service to children. However in Nigeria there are no regulations, only the challenge of earning the trust of parents.

There are other options for part time tutors which may not necessarily be about children; some adults require some skill and personal development too. This could range from learning a foreign language, to computing and coding skills and a variety of other interests.

The key is to find innovative ways of advertising or you can use an already existing platform like tuteria which will link you to those in need of your service.

  1. Arts and Creative Designing

By this, I refer to different forms creativity. This may range from fashion designing, making of beads, shoes, clothing, and handbags to art work and home décor. Whatever your creative skills are, it can be turned to that much needed additional income.

The secret to transforming your creativity as a form of business is that you cannot wait for pre-orders, you have to start creating because people need to see what you can do. There are platforms you can use to sell your creations, such as jumia, konga and you can do this at your spare time while your mates are in bars or watching television.

  1. Vlogger or Blogger, Your Choice?

You can decide to start a blog or a Video Blog. This platform can be used for a variety of purposes.

After developing content, it can be uploaded to reach a very large number of people. The success of your blog or vlog depends on the traffic you are able to pull to your site.

To achieve this feat you are better off as an original, while your content appeals to the people you intend to get across too. This is probably the most difficult way to earn money. However if one is creative, patient, innovative and original with a clear picture of the achievements hoped for, then it can be very lucrative.

Monetizing your blog or vlog requires a different skill set from content development. You can get creative or get professional assistance.


  1. You must ensure that you have the required skills to undertake any venture you decide to embark on.
  2. You must ensure that you enjoy whatever you have decided to do and you must be passionate about it.
  3. You must have a clear marketing and sales strategy. You need to know who your customers are going to be, how to get the message across to them and the means to sell your product to them.



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