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Dr Nnamdi Okechukwu Inspires (Entrepreneur without Boundary)

Nnamdi Okechukwu is a serial entrepreneur and a medical Doctor by training. He is the Managing Director of Roselife Healthcare limited. His business interests include Construction, Aqua Farming, Healthcare, Auto-services and hospitality. He sat down with TRE Journal at the Roselife healthcare headquarters in Awka, Anambra State to give us an insight into his journey as an Entrepreneur.


Left: Dr Nnamdi Okechukwu on his farm in Abuja. Right: Dr Okechuwku and his beautiful wife at Roselife Stores in Awka with the Managing Editor TRE Journal

TRE Journal: Why did you decide to go into entrepreneurship instead of practicing medicine?

Dr Nnamdi Okechukwu: I have always been inspired and fascinated by successful business people. By the time I was serving I was sure I was going to be an entrepreneur. However Roselife Healthcare Limited is a healthcare company so basically a part of what I do revolves around medicine.

TRE Journal: How did you arrive at the concept of Roselife Health care limited?

Dr Nnamdi Okechukwu: I try to understudy successful models and add my own twist. The Idea for Roselife Healthcare Limited came from my admiration for H-Medix Pharmaceuticals and Stores in Abuja.


TRE Journal: Looking around this premises we see Roselife Auto Care Center, We see a roof top bar, we see a lounge and a sit out bar. Are these also related to Medical Practice?

Dr Nnamdi Okechukwu: Just like I told you earlier on where ever I find a successful business model, I understudy it and apply the lessons I  learn where an opportunity exists. Going by the H-Medix model we are the first and only Supermarket and Pharmaceutical stores to run a 24hour service in Awka.

My younger brother owns an auto care center in Abuja and when I looked at the expanse of land around the supermarket I saw an opportunity to record another first, a fully automated vehicle service station in Awka.

After establishing the auto care center we still had ample space so we decided to incorporate the relaxation area.

There is Life Band Entertainment every Sunday, and customers can wait in the lounge while we take care of their cars.

Apart from hotels, there are no air-conditioned 24hour lounges I know in Awka. I thought that these may serve the purpose for people who want to relax in a cosy environment for drinks and don’t want to be seen in the premises of a hotel or a guest house.


TRE Journal: What is your Secret to Success?

Dr Nnamdi Okechukwu: Dreaming!!! You have to Dream. By that I mean you have to have a dream.  When you dream you plan. The Pharmacy and Supermarket I dreamt of for about three years. I planned for it and I worked towards it. No matter how big you think the dream is, you have to keep going on.

TRE Journal: Is there anybody you owe gratitude?

Dr Nnamdi Okechukwu: My Wife and my family.

TRE Journal: A major Challenge for Start-Up Businesses is Capital, How did you go about it?

Dr Nnamdi Okechukwu: You have to plan for it. In Nigeria loans for SME’s hardly work. SME programmes only work for a few. For me I wrote proposals for procurement contracts in Abuja. It took me a couple of years to get lucky. After a while I started getting contract award letters and I called in a few people close to help me finance the contracts. Some of them I had to pay back with interest. With the proceeds I made, I started off small and grew it to this level.


Roselife Lounge

TRE Journal: What is your advice for Up Coming Entrepreneurs?

Dr Nnamdi Okechukwu: Find your dream and work towards it. No matter the pitfalls you encounter, because there will be many, a lot. Just continue doing what you are doing even when people discourage you. These may include people very close to you.


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  1. Bayo Oderinde // May 18, 2017 at 7:45 am // Reply

    Effort taken was very impressive.


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